What are Sky Viper Drones?

Sky Viper Drone

Are you interested in drones? If your answer to this question is yes, then this article is for you. I will help you get all the knowledge you seek on the best drone manufacturing company. According to a newspaper article written by PRNewswire dated October 11, 2017, Skyrocket was listed as the number one manufacturer and seller of toy drones. According to the CEO at Skyrocket, Nelo Lucich, the mission of Skyrocket is to make sure that they push the envelope on what is possible in the creation of an affordable drone every time.

Each Sky Viper drone (reviewed here by Dronesbuy.net) manufactured by Skyrocket company are colorful, cheap and are fun for people of all ages, this is that they can be used by both children and adults. Skyrocket is a young company that has gone beyond all odds in competing with bigger companies out there in the creation of cool mini-drones that include beginner stunt drones, cheap nano drones, to the more complicated HD video streaming drones and also the racing drones. Continue reading “What are Sky Viper Drones?”

Storm Racing Drone: All You Need to Know Before Buying One

Storm Racing Drone TypeA V3

Thinking about purchasing the Storm Racing Drone?  If so, there are a few things you should know before ultimately pulling the trigger.  In the following article we will cover several things you need to consider before purchasing the Storm Racing Drone, including the many features this popular drone is equipped with; the various places you can purchase this drone; the investments you may need to make upfront before flying your drone; and some of the legalities you should be aware of surrounding drone flight.

Storm Racing Drone:  Features

The company that makes the Storm Racing Drone, also known as the Storm Type-A, recently released its Version 5 model of this popular Quadcopter, an upgrade that included all the latest electronics and an overall weight that is 15 percent less than the Version 4 model (417 grams without the battery), which offers increased performance in the air.  The Storm Racing Drone was designed by experienced FPV racers, and its Type-A carbon fiber frame comes with replaceable arms.

Storm Racing Drone TypeA V3
Storm Racing Drone TypeA V3

Below are some of the other features of the Storm Racing Drone:

  • Ideal Flying Length.  The Storm Racing Drone measures just 280 millimeters from motor to motor, offering increased maneuverability.
  • Great Camera and Video.  With its upgraded, adjustable tilt angle 90 degree Foxeer camera and Skyline video recorder, the Storm Racing Drone offers amazing pictures and video transmission with zero delay and great quality video in the forest.
  • Upgraded Motor and Propellers.  The powerful motor on the Storm Racing Drone Version 5, coupled with the 6045 Propellers, offer quick acceleration and sharp cornering.
  • Multiple Flight Modes.  The Storm Racing Drone has three different flight modes and Storm tuned BetaFlight parameters.
  • OSD Module.  The OSD module of the Storm Racing Drone allows it to overlay Battery Voltage and Horizontal Line on the video screen.
  • Arm Bumpers.  The rubber arm bumpers on the end of each arm protect the Storm Racing Drone in the event of collisions.
  • Lost and Found Feature.  The Storm Racing Drone has a built-in remote triggering buzzer aimed at helping users find their drone should it go down unexpectedly.
  • Low Battery Warning.  A warning buzzer is installed on the Storm Racing Drone to alert users when the battery is low.

Have a look at this video showing the Storm Racing drone in flight!

The Storm Racing Drone:  The Places You Can Purchase It

If you like the features of the Storm Racing Drone and you’ve decided to purchase it; you need to remember there are many different places at which you can shop.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of online retailers that may carry the Storm Racing Drone, including large online stores like Amazon, auction sites like E-Bay, and scores of independent retailers that offer their products online.  The majority of the large online drone retailers are located in either China or the United States, but if you really search you may be able to find a smaller location near you.

Hobby shops, such as Hobby Lobby and Hobby King, are great places to shop for drones, and their staff can usually help answer any questions you may have.

The Storm Racing Drone:  Investments You May Need to Make

Like most racing drones that are currently available for purchase, the Storm Racing Drone does not include the battery, flight controller or battery charger.  As such, you will need to make these investments upfront, but before you do, consider the following for each of these items.

Investing in a Battery

When investing in a battery for your Storm Racing Drone, be sure to consider the following:

  • Does the battery fit?  Batteries for drones come in different sizes.  Therefore, before you purchase a battery for your drone, be sure to do some research to ensure the battery you choose is recommended for the Storm Racing Drone.
  • Flight Time.  Some batteries offer longer flight times than others, with the average flight time being 9-10 minutes.  Naturally, those that offer longer flight times tend to be more powerful, and thus more expensive.
  • Charging Time.  How long will it take to charge the battery you choose?  This is definitely a question you should consider before investing in your power source.


Investing in a Flight Controller

When investing in a flight controller, we recommend you spend a little extra to get a top of the line model.  A good flight controller is one of the best investments you can make.  Unlike other electronic products, controllers do not become obsolete very rapidly, so if you plan to enjoy the hobby of drone flight for many months or years to come, a high-quality flight controller will ensure you get the very best out of your Storm Racing Drone.

Betaflight F3
Betaflight F3

Investing in a Battery Charger

Like the flight controller, you should definitely invest in a top-quality battery charger, one that can help get your drone back into the air as quickly as possible.  This will cost you a few extra bucks, but the more you spend upfront, the less time you will have to wait between drone flights.


Storm Racing Drone: The Legalities Surrounding Drone Flight

If you plan to fly or race your Storm Racing Drone outdoors, there are several legal considerations of which you need to be aware.  They include:

  • Line of Sight.  When flying outdoors, the FAA requires that you keep your drone in your line of sight at all times.  However, if you plan to use FPV goggles when racing your drone, this may be impossible.  If this is the case, you will need to have a spotter that can watch your drone for you as you fly.
  • Speed.  If you plan to race your Storm Racing Drone, make sure you keep the speed to less than 100 miles per hour—the maximum speed for drones as per the FAA.
  • Location.  There are many places throughout the United States in which recreational drone flight is prohibited.  For example, drone flight is prohibited around government buildings and military installations.  Make sure you know where you can and cannot fly before putting your Storm Racing Drone in the air.


Finally, if you plan to enjoy the hobby of drone flight, you may want to consider joining a drone community of some kind.  There are many online forums dedicated to this hobby—forums that are populated by experienced drone hobbyists that may be able to answer questions and offer solutions to common problems.


Things you dont know about hot wheels racing drones

Hot wheels racing drones have their concepts and even hardware from several decades ago. They are popular amongst a large fan base, even to this date. A lot of the owners of the drones set, treasure the racing drones. Most of the die-hard fans of these drones have the entire set intact over the years. The collection holds incredible value to the fans. All cars looks cool, thanks to funky designing that dates back to decades old craziness. The cars had amazing funkiness quotient and the brand has a value. Let’s see more about these treasures in this special post.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is a brand introduced by Mattel, the American toy maker. The brand was introduced in 1968 and was pitted against Matchbox from Tyco Toys until 1997. Hot wheels came up with flashy and excellent designs for their cars. Some of the automobile manufacturers licensed the brand for scale models. Such is the originality and quality of the designs. Though the cars were aimed at kids and young adults, adult collectors took special interest in Hot Wheels products. Limited edition models have been made available for the adult collectors in recent years. They are ready to extend their collection even after 49 years of the brand’s history.

Hot wheels racing cards

Hot Wheels manufactured lot of die cast toy cars. In fact, it was the tracks which made the concept a runaway success. In addition to the cars, Matted promoted its own racing track set. It consists of the car, racing tracks and other items. The tracks were updated throughout the years. Nevertheless the original track is the first item in collector’s wish list. The original track consisted of bright orange road sections. They were pieced together to create an oblong or circular race track. Superchargers are the faux service stations through which the racing cars passed the track. Superchargers propel the cars for race with help of battery powered spinning wheels. The end line would display which lane accommodated the winner once the race is over. The racing event feels so real in a miniature version.

The cars were promoted extensively by the brand. It has its own cartoon TV show for years. It was advertised on television to global audience. It got its own TV film – Hot Wheels World Race 2003. It premiered on Cartoon Network and later released on DVD and VHS. The plot made up for interesting storyline for these cars. It set the theme for every Hot Wheels racing car. The movie explained the whole set of cars in the racing set. The wheels cannot be custom build in multiple ways like other Hot Wheels sets allowed. It is mostly the same track for every race. Downhill racing was the most popular category in Hot Wheels racing. The toy series is still a stuff of fascination for kids and adults alike. It forms a valuable collection for adult collectors. It is pretty much an inexpensive way of collection.it costs a lot less than stamp or coin or Barbie collection.

The movie categorized the toys into 5 teams – Wave Rippers, Street Breed, Roadbeasts, Dune Ratz and Scorchers. These teams consist of characters in the movie, not the cars of toys. The characters develop liking to specific cars. Jose Vert Wheeler, the protagonist was chosen to lead Wave Rippers. He drove the Deora II. Kurt Wylde, the aggressive street race led Street Breed and he drove the Sling Shot. William Banjee Castillo, who led the Roadbeasts drove the Ballistik. Brian Zone Kadeem, lead of Dune Ratz drove the Krazy 8. Taro Kitano led Scorchers and drove the Plymouth Road Runner. The Wave Rippers have the special abilities to fly. Street Breed have the ability to identify alternate routes in complex paths. Roadbeasts use saws to cut throw snow boulders and rocks. Dune Ratz have tires that operate in deepest sands. Scorchers can drive through heart of volcanoes. None of those fictional superpowers were implied or mocked in the toy series. It was all just a set of die cast cars with varying designs. Some cars contained one or multiple surf boards and other accessories. It made the cars look more cool.

Wave Rippers consisted of Deora II, SwitchBack, Chevrolet Nomad, Power Pipes, Chrysler Thunderbolt and Corvette Stringray. Street Breed fleet consisted of Sling Shot, Side Draft, Pontiac Rageous, 24/Seven, Road Rocket, Aeroflash and Pontiac Firebird. Roadbeats fleet comprised of cars including Ballistik, Zotic, Twin Mill, Moto Crossed, Vulture, Power Rocket and Power Pistons. Dune Ratz fleet included the stylish and flashy cars such as Krazy 8, Wild Thing, Toyato RSC, Ford F-150, Sweet 16 II, Camino and Mega Duty. Scorchers fleet included the all-time classic 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, ¼ Mile Coupe, Red Baron, 57 Thunderbird, Dodge Charger RT, 63 Corvette and Muscle Tone.

The Hot Wheels World Race, the racing video game, based on movie of same name got released in 2003. The game was released by Hot Wheels and Mainframe Entertainment. The movie and the game got released 35 years after creation of Hot Wheels. That is the reason why the game and movie involved a route 35 for the race. The gameplay for the game was similar to other racing games. You can do special tricks on air. It adds to the player’s car boost. Collecting the gold rings helps your boost.           It is a multiplayer game that will be player on split screen. The game was introduced on PC, GameCube and PS2 platforms. The game and the movie opened to mixed reviews. Nevertheless the associated toy series was a runaway hit. It stayed an evergreen hit for decades and stays relevant even now. Now it gained value since it is considered a valuable collector’s item. The toy set is not just for kids anymore. Adult collectors so desperately want to get their hands on one such set.

Get these toy series on amazon as and when they are listed. The limited nature of the stock makes it hard to grab.

DIY quadcopters for kids

Back in my day all I wanted was a remote control car that didn’t have a wire connected to it. A remote control car that I could race up and down my street while I sat on the sidewalk arguing with my friends about which car was faster. Luckily there were magazines with reviews on them and I spent days searching through any magazine I came across until I finally found my perfect car. I was eternally grateful for those articles and reviews and luckily I have never forgotten how useful I found them and am now it is my duty to help the next generation achieve their dream of being a pioneer in the next frontier, the quadcopter.

Starting out small.

You need to crawl before you can walk, and in a similar situation you need to start out simple when buying a quadcopter.

Fortunately I have scoured the internet and found what I believe is the ultimate starter flying machine, it’s small and light and yet durable enough to survive those initial collisions with lamps and walls in the early days. The Air Hogs RC Helix X4 Stunt quadcopter is the perfect starting point for any flight enthusiast, it can fit in your hand and is made almost entirely out of foam, with bumpers around the rotors to protect them in those early days, with 5 to 10 minute flight time it offers enough time between charges to hone your skills as you consider where to move from here. They are also relatively cheap and can be picked up from as little as $65, cementing it in your �need to get’ pile. Trouble is, although you like the fact that it comes with spare parts for when something does go wrong, you would still like to get your hands a little dirty, you want to be involved in the build and be able to tell your friends that you are the one that put it together, installing a small piece of your soul within it while doing so. Once again if this sounds like you, I have got you covered.

Getting your hands dirty.


Here is where we get down to the interesting stuff, sure the Air Hogs RC Helix X4 Stunt quadcopter is cool and it has introduced you to the world of flying, but now it’s time to be an engineer, to show your metal a little by putting one together yourself, of course there are plenty of options on this front as well and once again I am able to help by finding exactly what you need.

The 6D-Box MWC Multiwii Quadcopter is just what the doctor ordered, get your friends together and put your lab coats on because this one will require it. What you will get with this package is a basic carbon fibre frame and a ton of parts for you to assemble yourself.

Pair this with what is extremely well crafted instructions and you will have a great little drone ready to fly within an hour or so, all parts and screws are included as well as any tools that you need to work with, as far as getting started with DIY quadcopters is concerned this one is without a doubt your next step. Coming in at just over 100 dollars it is a little more of an investment but also still well worth the price and the new found knowledge.

You may now wonder if there is another step up from here, what if you have bought the Air Hogs RC Helix X4 Stunt quadcopter and have built the 6D-Box MWC Multiwii Quadcopter but you feel like there is more out there, like there is another step that you are ready to take, what if you want to go even faster and build something incredible. Luckily I can help one last time.

I am a pro, what’s next?

Lets say that you are now a pro, you have built, broken and rebuilt your quadcopter so many times that you now want to move on to the final stage, to prove that you are now an experienced pilot, capable of running with the best.

It is now that I introduce you to the Lumenier QAV250 G10 RTF FPV Racing Drone, not recommended for new pilots, nor for a new builder of drones, the Lumenier QAV250 is highly modifiable and is extremely lightweight and durable. With a body made of carbon fiber and support for an integrated HD camera, it is a proven winner and the ultimate toy to make your hands dirty.

Prices do start at $550 but it is the last drone you will ever need, and is endlessly customizable. However, unless you are planning to entire and win races this may not be the drone you are looking for and should perhaps stick to one that you can build in minutes and which will still be the envy of every 90’s kid with his RC car.

What is drone racing?


Also known as FPV (First- person view or video) drone racing, is a motorsport type of race that participants control drones that are equipped with cameras while wearing head-mounted displays. These displays are live streaming feeds that come from the drone. This type of racing is like the full -size air racing. The goal is to complete the course as fast as you can. It was an amateur sport that started in late 2014 in Australia. Continue reading “What is drone racing?”